Product Description

Tea leaves plucked in Autumn Season, the tea taste is stronger and astringency. Suitable for a budget drink. Rich in Catechin.

The tea grows after summer the strong of sunlight summer and plucked in Autumn season, the tea leaves it’s become rich in Fiber and Catechin. Therefore, the taste is very refreshing but astringency strong. Because of the caffeine is less than ordinary tea, so It is a body-friendly tea.

Extract the tea with hot water and short time, you will take plenty of Catechins, antioxidant component. If prepared in cold, wait for several hours and drink it, you can take Polysaccharide which is one of tea component. This tea is highly recommended as the daily drink because of the low cost and budget.

How to Prepare:

Tea bag for 1 -pot make you easy for tea brewing in quickly and enjoy the whole day. Great to enjoy the tea with friends and family or serving guest or person in the office.

Hot Brew –

Use 1 tea bag per 800ml water. Pour on boiling water (70C to 80C) and brew for 2-minutes

Cold Brew –

Use 1 tea bag per 1L water. Pour in room temperature water and keep to fridge for 2-3 hour. Take out and shake it ready to serve.

75 g

15 tea bags x 5g

Origin Place
Shizuoka, Japan

Food Grade Aluminium Zip bag

Avoid high temperature and humid place. Seal proper after opened and keep in fridge