Product Description

Low Caffeine Tea, popular in Japan, strong of the roasted taste, good taste.

Roasted tea is a Japanese Tea that uses tea stem send to roasting process to ensure the tea being roasting and come out the brown color.

Roasted tea low caffeine than ordinary tea, it is a body-friendly tea. Hojicha is a popular tea to serve during the evening meal or after, before going to sleep, and even preferred for children and the elderly. Please drink with hot water in a short time. In addition, it is recommended for refreshing taste even if it is extracted for several hours with cold water and you drink it.

How to Prepare:

Tea bag for 1 -pot make you easy for tea brewing in quickly and enjoy the whole day. Great to enjoy the tea with friends and family or serving guest or person in the office.

Hot Brew –

Use 1 tea bag per 800ml water. Pour on boiling water (70C to 80C) and brew for 2-minutes

Cold Brew –

Use 1 tea bag per 1L water. Pour in room temperature water and keep to fridge for 2-3 hour. Take out and shake it ready to serve.

75 g

15 tea bags x 5g

Food Grade Aluminium Zip bag

Avoid high temperature and humid place. Seal proper after opened and keep in fridge