Product Description

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Higher suction power with PowerCyclone 5

Compact, yet powerful

- 1900 W
- PowerCyclone 5
- MultiClean and Pet hair nozzle
- EPA 10 filter

PowerCyclone 5 technology separates dust and air in one go

PowerCyclone 5 technology maximizes airflow and performance by separating dirt from air in one go. It delivers remarkable cleaning results through highly efficient steps

1. Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the air inlet design.

2. The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air in the cyclonic chamber to separate the dust from the air.

3. The optimized exit blades separate dirt from the cyclone and into the dust bucket.

1900 W motor for strong suction power

1900 W motor generates strong suction power for excellent cleaning results.

Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying

The dust container is carefully designed to dispose of collected dirt without creating a dust cloud. It is one hand operated and thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, you can easily control the emptying of the dust container

EPA10 filter for healthy air

The pleated EPA filter has a large surface and good filtration performance. It can catch small dust particles and in combination with the cyclonic flow, this prevents the filter from clogging fast and gives you better and long lasting filtration results.

ActiveLock couplings to easily adjust to each cleaning task

The ActiveLock couplings allow you to easily connect and disconnect the different nozzles and accessories from the telescopic tube while cleaning.

Soft brush integrated into handle, always ready to use

A dusting brush attachment is built right into the handle so it’s always ready to use for furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.

New Multi Clean nozzle for thorough cleaning on all floors

The new Multi Clean nozzle delivers a thorough cleaning on all types of floors. The nozzle is designed to seal closely to the floor to ensure a good pick up of even the fine dust.

Turbo Brush nozzle removes 25 percent more hairs and dust

The Turbo Brush nozzle allows deep cleaning of carpets and quick hair and fluff removal from carpets. The rotating brush actively removes small dust particles and hairs, resulting in a 25 percent better cleaning performance on carpets. The wheels of the nozzle prevent damage in case of use on hard floors.

Lightweight and compact, giving you the freedom to move

You can easily carry and roll the vacuum cleaner around when cleaning thanks to its light weight and small size.

Allergy H13 filter system captures >99.9 percent of fine dust

The fully-sealed filtration system captures >99.9 percent of fine dust particles - including pollen, pet hair and dust mites - for allergy sufferers and anyone demanding a higher level of hygiene. Filtration level is equivalent to HEPA 13*.


Airflow Max37 
Input Power IEC1600W
Input Power Max1900W
Sound Power Level82dB
Suction Power Max350W
Vacuum Max 33kPa
Action Radius9m
Carrying Handle Front
Cord Length6m
Tube TypeMetal 2 piece telescopic tube
Wheel TypeRubber
Tube CouplingActiveLock
Accessories Included

Crevice Tool

Integrated Brush

Additional NozzleTurbo Brush
Standard NozzleMultiClean Nozzle
Dust Capacity1.5L
Exhaust filterEPA 10 filter
Motor FilterWashable Filter
Packaging Less than recycled materials
User Manual100 percent recycled paper